Hydrogen cooking

Begin 2020, name the agony that has not affected human lives across the world. The key ones are:

  • Pandemic
  • Loss of human lives
  • Severe changes in climate
  • Disturbances in the supply chain
  • Wars
  • High inflation

It is individuals who contribute to the solutions to problems faced by society. It has become essential due to the current situation for an individual to be self-sufficient or independent from the external factors to fulfill their basic needs and contribute to social institutions for the society to be self-sufficient and prosperous. Without the development of society, individual growth is difficult.

HHO system for cooking purposes is the result of research and development over the last nine years. The product line is ready for the commercial launch at the time when the need felt is the most.

“Zeal-the fire,” is an appliance to generates hydrogen gas for cooking and energizes power distribution grids when idle. The heat generated from the appliance is equal to 5 times the heat generated by an electric heating appliance consuming the same amount of electricity.

This appliance solves the major issue of dependency on the supply chain for fuel.

Hydrogen is the identified next-gen fuel, but the cost of storage is a major issue. Zeal-the fire generates fuel at-site and on-demand.

The basic model operates on 300W of electric power. Models operating on solar, wind, and hybrid can supply power to the electricity distribution grid through the bi-directional meter

Emission being water, again makes it an eco-friendly product.

The price range is within the reach of a commoner and to maintain the same, the company is looking to introduce its product line through the crowdfunding community.

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Hydrogen cooking appliance



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