1. How is a gas generated?

 Gas is generated through the process of electrolysis. This is 200 years old technology. Hydrogen gas is generated by separating molecules of water.

  1. Is the generated gas dangerous?

Hydrogen is the safest known fuel. Our system generates hydrogen on demand and does not get stored. Any gas that is released unburnt gets dissolved in the atmosphere very quickly.

It is safer than any other fuel if used as per the user guide.

3. What type of water is used?

Pure water (preferably distilled water) for an alkaline solution that is free from minerals should be used for the best results.

4. Is anything added to the water?

For a better rate of gas generation hydroxide is added. Nothing except pure water is needed regularly.

5. What is the amount of gas generated per hour by the system?

 300W – 80 LPH

600W -160 LPH

900W -240 LPH

1200W -320 LPH

6. What are the consumables?

 Water is the main consumable. Occasionally hydroxides are required and once in 8-10 years (Based on 10 hours of usage per day) electrodes are to be replaced.

7. Why promotions do not mention the term, “green energy”?

We are promoting this product as an energy-saving system. Electricity is the commonly used source of energy; it would not be wise to generally compare this product with other sources of energy.

When used with solar/wind power any equipment automatically becomes a green energy product.

Our product generates more heat when compared to the heat directly generated by electricity.